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Mark Leonard

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Dan Strode



The Machine Brothers are proud to present, for your consideration, our one-of-a-kind functional sculpture, regardless if its a lamp, coffee table, end table or sideboard everything we make is sculpture that will function for more than a lifetime. We make the ordinary extraordinary.


Owning a piece from Machine Brothers means you have the only one


Machine Brothers Artisans Mark Leonard & Dan Strode have over 45 years of experience in Design, Blacksmithing, Fabrication, and Installation. We put not only every year of experience in each piece we create but, make no mistake, because each piece we create is truly unique we spend a great amount of time in the design and creation therefore when you have a piece of machine brothers sculpture you have a piece of us.


We are experienced and familiar with large and small commissions for both residential and commercial clients. We have created pieces that have been recognized with National Awards from NOMMA (National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association).


Please take your time and slowly peruse each piece, notice the detail and creativity. Each piece has a personality of its own and is completely unique.


Everything we create is custom and one-of-a-kind


After looking at our work, take a breath, close your eyes and imagine what we can create for you, your home, office, board room, hotel or casino.


Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Creative


We love what we do and since we know that everyone is an artist we are asking you to challenge us. Collect your junk, spare parts, grandpa's old stuff that's been rusting in a pile for years and send it to us ... we will transform your junk into an heirloom that will last lifetimes and have real meaning.


Stay Tuned and get ready ...


What you see here is only the beginning, sit down, strap in and get ready because we have so much more for you to marvel at .... You aint seen nothing yet!



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